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About us

We are the leading company specialised in mole hunting since 1989

We are a company specialised
in mole hunting since 1989.

We were the very first professional mole hunters in Italy, as well as the only ones for more than twenty years.
It is a highly demanded but little- known job, that has allowed us to become a reference point all over Italy.

Cumuli di terra causati dalle talpee
1. Mounds caused by moles
2. Brachetta ® trap
Giardino perfetto
3. Perfect garden

The right solutions

A perfect garden without moles, without mounds of earth or tunnels.

Over several years of activity, we have always found the best solutions to capture moles in the most diverse terrains:
from sports facilities to parks, from public and private gardens to cultivated land, up to vegetable gardens.

This is the reason why we have been able to make the name SE.AL known both in the private and public sector, up to reach big companies and public figures.

Discover some customers who have chosen us over the years.


For our work, we use BRACCHETTA®: a professional trap for moles
produced by us, without using venoms.

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector of mole hunting, SE.AL has developed a trap called BRACCHETTA®, realised basing on the model of a very ancient trap, easy to use and substantially infallible..
Those traps for moles that allow to capture the animal are absolutely the sole really effective solution to the problem,adopted all over the world. Even in the United States where, despite a technology that is very advanced in every sector, in the presence of these very unwelcome guests they rely on professional mole hunters.

Watch our video and see how easy it is
to solve the problem of moles!

Do you need the intervention of our expert?

Basing on only two parameters, dimension of the area to be treated and distance to reach you,
distance to reach you, we will be able to estimate your quote.