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1 Trap Bracchetta®


Trappola per talpe professionale

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Mechanic trap for moles consisting of a wooden base with a spring-loaded trigger mechanism. Perfect to capture moles in gardens, park, golf courses, etc… Reusable for years. Attached, a practical audiovisual manual for a correct disinfestation from moles.

Environments and methods of use
Before placing the trap, it is better to select the right areas where to place it. Usually, it is suggested to use the tunnels in the perimeter of the garden, that are the most used, and possibly the internal ones if they turn out to be recent. To trigger the trap, exert pressure on the spring to allow the nylon string to be blocked with the proper coupling to the wooden board. Place the trap along the chosen tunnel, removing the relevant portion of soil. Once placed, cover all spaces with earth. When capture occurs, the spring goes back to its original position.

Package formulation
1 package


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